Patriot K-9




K-9 Ax running only his third training track ever.

K-9 Ax performs his first building narcotic search without scratch boxes.

K-9 Cezar is in the high right area of the Inverted U. He is also smart enough to understand when he is back tied. He will immediately out and down when back tied. To help K-9 Cezar work in the upper left area of the Inverted U, we do obedience before aggression control, work him on a moving back tie, with one correction, and immediately go back to obedience after aggression control is over. K9 Cezar took only one correction before he understood he had to out. As we progress, we will apply less and less moving back pressure. K-9 Cezar will then out with no back pressure. We can then move to the next step in our training. This will take more time than applying high amounts of compulsion, i.e. e-collar, which he will not tolerate, but it will also result in no conflict with the handler and much less stress in the dog. Building blocks...

Officer Rich and K-9 Ax conduct a short obedience session with positive reinforcement.