Patriot K-9




*Obedience-At Patriot K-9 Training, we believe that obedience is the foundation for every discipline our dogs perform.  We believe that positive reinforcement is more dependable than compulsion (pain) compliance.  Handlers will learn how to properly conduct positive reinforcement and how to properly use compulsion, if necessary.

* Aggression Control-We believe that the best way to minimize conflict is to have a proper training foundation from the beginning. We understand that departments must have social dogs that are willing and able to perform when necessary. Our training methods ensure that our dogs will protect their handlers and subdue suspects while being social with other officers and members of the public.

*Tracking-Once again, positive reinforcement and instinctual training is used to enhance genetically based behaviors which our dogs were selected for. Handlers in our course will see, first-hand, the techniques used to train their canines to man-track.

*Building Search-Handlers will observe and experience the techniques used to train their canine partners in this discipline as well.  We also focus on handler’s tactics while enhancing the canines searching behaviors.

*Area Search-As in all other disciplines, handlers will observe and experience their canines being trained in this discipline, which will greatly enhance the handler’s ability to diagnose and solve any issues which may arise.  Canines will be exposed to a variety of environments in rural and urban areas with an emphasis placed on hunting behavior and alerts.

*Evidence Recovery-Our training style of positive reinforcement carries into training our canines in evidence recovery.  Our handlers and canines are exposed to numerous environments and articles in training with emphasis placed on hunting behavior and alerts.

*Contact us with any other training needs you may have. We're sure we can find the perfect dog to fit your needs. We guarantee it!