Springfield, Mo. PD K-9 handler Mike Karnes

recently attended Patriot K-9 Training Decoy Class.  He had this to say about the class.

"I have been to K-9 training before at other places.  The instructors have had huge egos.

Travis came in, no ego, just one of us and taught an interesting and informative class. I would definitely recommend this class."

Springfield PD K-9 handler Tom Spence;

"Travis is a very knowledgeable trainer.  His insights in dog communication were enlightening for me.  Additionally, the exercises utilizing pack learning, or dogs learning from other dogs, was something I hadn't seen before and it was effective."

Toby Luce of the Lamar, Mo. P.D. had this to say after attending our Decoy Class.

"I have been a K-9 handler for 23 years. There were many things that this class reminds you to do.  It also gives you a better understanding of how to read your dog's behavior.  Travis did a great job covering safety techniques that will keep the decoy and the K-9 from injury."

Miami, Ok P.D. K-9 handler, Jacob Hamblett, recently attended the Patriot K-9 Training Decoy Class hosted by Springfield P.D. Jacob had this to say about the class;

" Travis presented the course in a manner that demonstrated his knowledge of the subject matter while, at the same time, making it fun for the students."Contact us today to schedule a class in your area.

Vernon County Sheriff's Office K-9 handler

Justin Ehrsam;

"As a new handler I found this class to be very helpful. I have experienced things in maintenance training that never made sense until it was explained in this decoy class. This class helped me realize the need to do certain things in training to build a dog's skills. I feel this class has sharpened my knowledge as a K-9 handler.

Springfield, MO PD K-9 handler Jeff Henson recently attended Patriot K-9 Training Decoy Class. He had this to say about the class.

"Travis is an open door and gives you all the information you need. There are no trade secrets with him. Travis is knowledgeable and an expert in the field."
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