Patriot K-9




In 2009, head trainer and owner, Travis Walthall began the process of becoming an accredited trainer through the North American Police Work Dog Association.  NAPWDA was founded in 1977 and currently has over 3,000 members in North America.  Travis spent three years in the accreditation process.  During that time, he worked with NAPWDA Master Trainers while they critiqued his ability to train working dogs and their handlers.  In all, Travis was critiqued for a total of 241 hours in order to become an accredited trainer of narcotic detection/utility police dogs. After fulfilling the required number of hours, Travis was required to successfully complete written exams and interviews before the NAPWDA Accreditation Board.

In 2012, Travis began the process to become an accredited NAPWDA Master Trainer. Travis spent an additional 473 hours training with and being critiqued by NAPWDA Master Trainers. This process took Travis to many areas of the country and gave him the opportunity to work with hundreds of police working dog teams.  The knowledge and experience he gained has proven to be invaluable.  In November 2015, Travis successfully completed the required hours, 714 in all, of critique time and appeared before the NAPWDA Accreditation Board. Travis successfully completed the necessary written exams and oral board interview. He was then accredited as a Master Trainer of narcotic detection/utility working dogs through NAPWDA.

Becoming a NAWPDA Master Trainer has proven to be the highlight of Travis’s 23 year law enforcement career.  He looks forward to assisting and training with police working dogs and their handlers throughout North America.